Terawet Green Technologies, Inc.     
                                Uniting Science With Nature

Our Mission is to provide green technologies for the benefit of the planet at the lowest possible costs to enable universal usage.

  • Terawet Green Technologies Inc. (TGT) is driven by the quest for knowledge and research in green technologies being done globally. 
  • TGT shares this knowledge of affordable green sustainable living in hope of eradicating world hunger and providing clean drinking water. 
  • The driving force behind our technologies is to leave behind a better earth than we inherited. 
  • TGT operates worldwide, with a significant presence in many countries.
  • TGT concentrates on the two cornerstones of life: Soil & Water. 
  • TGT proposes to introduce these "Green Technologies" in the fields of sustainable agriculture and affordable drinking water along with wastewater clarification for reuse, contributing to better living condition on planet Earth.
Introducing sustainable, innovative & cutting edge technologies: 

Green Farming products that can help farmers eliminate use of chemicals:

  • BioVac: INCREASES GROWTH  and significantly improves soil condition .  
  • Regalis SP: RESTORES soil balance, improves and enhances soil conditions.
  • Regalis Azo/Beta: MAKES nitrogen fixing microbes available to the entire plant
  • Bio VamosPROTECTS against drought & assists in moisture and nutrient uptake.
  • Helios: IMMUNO MODULATOR. Helps plants resist disease .
  • Bheema  ERADICATES Asian Psyllid in citrus and other "pests"
  • Submit Crop Use Enquiry Form for actual use for your particular crop.
It’s all about the microbes and plant extracts to enhance crop growth

Polymer products for
reduced irrigation requirements:
  • AgraGel Crystals: LOW COST. At only 10 lbs/acre for Agricultural use.
  • TeraGel Crystals: SAVES ON WATER USAGE for turf, shrubs, flowers and trees. 
  • TeraFlo AG: Reduces Irrigation Costs. Keeps soil moist for extended periods.
  • Airex DC: ELIMINATES chemical spray drift at only $0.30/acre.
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