There is no debate, regarding the effectiveness of silver against bacteria and microbe infections since silver and  most silver compounds have an antimicrobial effect and silver metal  ions are toxic for bacteria, algae, fungi,  molds, spores, and viruses even in small concentrations.

In a silver tank, drinking water can be stored for extended period of time while still rendering it safe to drink. Precisely for this reason, water tanks on board cruise ships, military ships, and airplanes are very often stored in a water tank made of metallic silver.

Electrolytic-dissolved silver has been used by the International Space Station as a water disinfecting and anti-microbial agent for the drinking water supply for astronauts Silver has natural antibiotic properties, and as a result, it has been used extensively for medicinal wound dressings to treat external infections, and additionally used as an antiseptic and disinfectant in medical appliances.

SILV Guardis a colloidal silver product that disinfects water at a rate of 30 mL to 1200+ liters of water.
SILV Clean is a silver colloidal product embedded in a near nano amino acid  matrix as a suspension.  It is a superior disinfectant, eliminates bad odors without masking them, and inhibits the growth of all pathogens.

Sustainable green technologies for the benefit of the planet at the lowest costs to enable universal usage.

  • Reduced fertilizer usage
  • Reduced moisture usage
  • Increased drought resistance
  • Reduced fungal disease 
  • Plant disease control

These proven cutting edge bio solutions have been designed to aid farmers and growers everywhere to reduce their production costs in growing the highest quality and the greatest quantity of crops possible,

TGT’s mission is to provide eco-friendly products and systems that affect the world in a positive and beneficial way in the areas of soil, and water, two of the 3 cornerstones of all life.

Terawet Green Technologies, Inc.
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Terawet Green Technologies, Inc.

The World Health Organization recommends that silver in a colloidal state produced by electrolysis of silver electrodes in water as well as colloidal silver in water filtration for removal of bacteria are effective water disinfection methods for safe drinking water which can be adopted in developing countries.

The driving force behind our green technologies is to leave behind a better earth than we inherited.  To that end, we are making our innovative, sustainable, agricultural technologies available at the lowest costs possible to assist in eradicating world hunger and providing clean drinking water for people everywhere.

  • Greater sustainable crop growth
  • increased root mass
  • Increased plant growth
  • Increased Yields
  • Significant microbial activity

Colloidal silver (a liquid suspension of microscopic silver particles) contains very small biological particles of silver that is so small, it can pass through membranes and even skip past the digestive system in order to be absorbed by the body specially (for maximum effectiveness) taken on an empty stomach.  Colloidal silver has been ingested to treat a variety of diseases for thousands of years.



Dramatically reduces the frequency of required watering schedule. 
Better moisture uptake by plants. 
Significantly reduces leaching of fertilizers and other water soluble additives. 
Enables plant growth under poor, sandy soil and compacted soil conditions.
Allows for plant growth in extremely hot and dry climates. 
Reduces heat stress of plant. 
Substantially reduces labor and maintenance costs associated with watering. 
Rapid absorption provides for direct benefits from rainfall or brief irrigation schedules. 
Plants are healthier and grow faster and more abundantly resulting in greater crop yields. 
Three to Five year longevity of performance. AGRAGEL-(T-400)