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Bio Salt Out
BIO-Salt Out is a unique product based on the  application of biotechnology for improving plant and turf growth in saline soils.

Saline soil contains high concentrations of sodium ions in the soil. 

At higher concentrations, sodium exhibits negative effects on rhizosphere microbes and root growth. 

This effect creates soil as a poor medium for the plant and turf growth.

We have designed our product with specialized salt loving microbes that can take up sodium and bind it with their cellular constituents. 

When applied in the soil in the presence of organic matter these specialized microbes and their supporting nutrients have a better chance to colonize in the root zone.

When sufficient numbers of these microbes colonize at the root, it reduces the toxicity of the sodium ions and allows the roots to go deeper in the soil for the search of nutrients.

Rate of Use:

Depending on the soil type and organic matter present in the soil, the general acceptable rate is 1-2 lbs. per acre.
It can be applied by irrigation or by spraying it directly on the soil or turf and then watering it in directly after applying it to get the microbes down into the soil matrix.  

 Apply BIO- Salt Out every 30 to 60 days depending on the degree of soil salinity and product response.

Turf with salinity problem

Same turf within 2 weeks after the use of Bio Salt Out

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