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Microbial Consortia: TGT-58

A Wastewater Microbial Treatment Package 

  • TGT-58 provides a natural, innovative and responsible option in order to combat problems caused by environmentally dangerous chemicals like grease, oils, nitrates, salts, phosphates, pharmaceuticals and other pollutants in the wastewater collection and treatment systems. 
  • TGT- 58  has site specific designed microbial bacterial formulations and wastewater plant systems.
  • TGT-58 contains 58 different bacterial strains, each selected carefully from nature and adapted for optimum performance in diverse waste streams with maximum efficiency on certain waste materials.
  • TGT-58 is composed of aerobic and facultative anaerobic micro-organisms. 
  • These bacteria functions as millions of tiny enzyme factories to create the degradation.
  • TGT-58 contains no added enzymes, wetting agents, emulsifiers or surfactants. 
  • TGT-58 has been developed to augment the ongoing and reoccurring problems in wastewater systems; specifically designed to work with private, municipal and industrial systems.
  • TGT-58 is a unique microbial product and is highly efficient at producing hydrolytic enzymes to catalyse the hydrolysis of oils, grease, fats, proteins and starches resulting in reducing and or eliminating these components from any wastewater. 
  • TGT-58 contains organisms which produce high levels of lipase, amylase and protease for degradation of grease, fats, oils, starch protein and cellulose.
  • Once the lines/tanks are cleared a bio-film will form to help prevent build up. 
  • TGT-58 has the ability to biodegrade difficult substances such as phenols, detergents, alcohols, hydrocarbons, lingo-cellulose, organic solvents and a broad range of aliphatic and aromatic compounds.
  • Proper use of TGT-58 will improve treatment plant performance and establish and maintain a biomass in the collection system which is resistant to the effects of organic inhibitors commonly found in waste waters.     
  • TGT-58 is available in both a liquid (vegetative state) and dry (spore and micro-encapsulated) formulation.
  • This can also includes a slow release oxygen agent to increase dissolved oxygen levels there by improving the efficiency of the microbial component. 
  • The benefits of regular use are; accelerated bio-degradation process, improved quality of effluent, reduction of solids and odour problems.
  • The degradation process produces harmless water, carbon dioxide and bio-degradable microbial protoplasm.
Product Information for TGT-58

  • FORM:     Free-flowing, granular powder 
  • COLOR:   Buff to Brown 
  • SPECIFIC GRAVITY:   0.5-0.7 
  • 58 strains of micro-organisms and growth stimulants 
  • Minimum plate count 5 billion cfu/gm 
  • Store sealed in a dry area at room temperature not exceeding 40ºC  
  • When used in bulk form, inhalation and direct skin contact should be avoided. 
  • Dust protection for eyes, nose and mouth should be used.  
  • In event of direct skin or eye contact, flush the affected area with water.  
  • If irritation persists, contact your doctor.
  • Do not add to the treatment system at a location where toxic or otherwise adverse pH, dissolved oxygen or temperature conditions may exist at peak levels.
  • Application Rates: Consult your TGT representative prior to use for specific instructions.
  • In many cases, it is best used in conjunction with other specifically targeted fine bacterial aids from TGT.
  • Consult your TGT representative with your specific requirements. 

For optimal results the waste water and treatment system should meet the following conditions:  

 Influent pH
 Dissolved Oxygen (ppm)
 ≥ 2.0 
  ≥ 1.0 
 C/N/P Ratio 
 Temperatureo C
 30 (86ºF)
 10 (50ºF)
 40 (104F)
 Toxic Metals (ppm)
(e.g. hex chromium)

 0  0  2

Contact  TGT for an evaluation and proposal for your plant or collection system.  

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