AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals are potassium based, organic cross linked co-polymers with water binding groups.
In dry form, they are white, crystalline granules with a neutral pH and when hydrated, become a gel which retains fluids, even under soil pressure and in the presence of fertilizers and other soil additives.

AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals are characterized by high volume absorption and fluid retention and are available in a variety of crystal sizes for various soil requirements.

AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals are also know as water absorbent polymers, water holding polymers, water retaining polymers or even just polymer crystals.
Physical Data on AgraGel® (T-400)

Chemical composition: Cross linked partially neutralized potassium salts of polyacrylic and polyacrylate acid polymers with water binding groups.

Physical form:      100% white granular crystals.
Particle sizes:                     Between 0.2-2 mm.
Bulk density:     540+/- kilograms/cubic meter.
Specific weight (in g/cm3 )  ...................... 1.1
Apparent specific weight  ......................... 0.8
pH value:                                     6.0 to 6.8
Moisture content:                 < than 5% (+/- 2%)
Storage: Store in dry place at a temperature below 35 °C.
Stability of dry product (in years)............................... 5        
Stability of swollen product in sand soil (in years)..... 4
Practical absorption (g for 1 g) ........................320
Absorption of sea water (g for 1 g) ..................120
*Obtained by washing the polymer with deionised water.
pH of absorbed water...........................................neutral
Absorption time for 60 % of equilibrium: 40 min.

40 pieces of 25 kg bags in 1000 kg pallets
10 pallets in a 20 ft container; 20 pallets in a 40 ft . container

These water crystals or commonly known as water absorbing polymers or polymer crystals, are completely non-toxic and due to their high resistance to electrolytes, remain actively effective for more than five  years with a single installation dependent on the number of hydration cycles.

Of all plant polymers now available, AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals have the greatest absorption under soil pressure and perform more effectively in the presence of fertilizers and other water soluble soil additives.

AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals significantly reduce water usage by extending the time between irrigations or by extending the benefits of rainfall.  
AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals dramatically increase crop yields and provide for far faster plant establishment.  
AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals are highly resistant to electrolytes yielding numerous hydration cycles. 
A single installation remains actively effective for five plus years depending on the amount of hydration cycles.
AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals retain fertilizers and other water soluble additives. 
AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals remain effective in the presence of fertilizers, salts and other chemicals that adversely effect the absorption rates of all other soil polymers. 
AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals promote root growth resulting in larger, healthier plants. Increased crop yields due to greater root mass created by added moisture availability and presence of slow release fertilizer. 
AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals decompact soils which allows roots access to lower soil depths. This greatly improves availability of the applied irrigation, provides infiltration throughout the root zone and allows drainage due to the aeration provided by the shrink-swell cycles.
AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals provides for uniform moisture conditions in soil, irrigation mats, geo-textiles and other agricultural media. 
AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals will not float through the soil matrix to the surface or create water rivulets when subjected to heavy rains or watering schedules. 
AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals are completely non-toxic, environmentally safe and will not contaminate plants, soil or ground water.

What is AgraGel® (T-400)

AgraGel® (T-400) 



Affordable costs together with reduced irrigation requirements,  fertilizer savings and significant increases in crop yields result in the most cost effective soil polymer product on the market.

How AgraGel® (T-400) works

When water or fluids come into contact with AgraGel® (T-400) crystals an electrical force pushes the inward structure of the particle away from the center via electrical repulsion. 
Small voids are created inside the particle, drawing the water inward, which results in rapid swelling of the crystal. 
When the water evaporates or is taken up by the plant the particle shrinks and is ready for the process to repeat. 
These reservoirs of water absorbing crystals (hydrogels) commonly referred to as agricultural polymers are evenly dispersed throughout the plant’s root zone.  When the soil dries out and reaches 50% of field capacity, the water absorbing crystals are engineered to release their moisture to compensate for the outside soil pressure on the gel wall.  This promotes the roots to grow to the new found moisture source provided by the presence of the (hydrogels) water absorbing crystals.In many cases the roots grow right through the hydrated water absorbing crystals, extracting the moisture before moving on to the next closest one. This process promotes increased root mass resulting in larger plants and increased crop yield. 
AgraGel® (T-400) water crystals extend the time between irrigations thus providing for more efficient use of available water, contributing to water conservation and greater yield.

AgraGel® (T-400) crystals absorb and hold hundreds of times their weight in water and then upon demand release the moisture to the plant.

There are so many benefits, why grow anything without it?