The left dish shows the control seeds with no Seed Magic broth application

The right dish shows seeds 48 hours after Seed Magic broth application

  • Bio fertilizer cultures grow along and around growing roots
  • Significant increase in root mass resulting in faster growing plant
  • Significant increase in bio mass resulting in increased yields
  • Uniform germination
  • Disease suppression
  • Drought tolerance

An Innovative Biological Seed Care Solution

 Introducing Seed Magic

  • SeedMagic is a unique formulation for biological seed care comprising of a consortia that incorporates a variety of Bio Fertilizer and Bio Fungistatic cultures, Mycorrhizhae, seaweed derivatives , humic and fulvic substances that work together to stimulate uniform germination, and suppress seed borne fungal diseases.
  • Seeds are expensive. In absence of rain after sowing – seeds do not germinate in rain fed agriculture.
  • Seed Magic can be used as seed dressing agent on seeds before sowing.
  • Seed Magic  imparts stress resistance to plants to withstand biotic and abiotic stresses as well as induces profuse rooting that promotes plant growth and development right from the early stages of crop.
  • Seed Magic inoculated seeds can be stored for up to 8 months while increasing nutrient value within the seed.


Benefits from Seed Magic Inoculation:


Mode of Action

  • Seed Magic contains Bio Fertilizer cultures of Mycorrhizhae and microbes which fix nitrogen, solubilize Phosphorus , mobilize Potassium  and solubilize Silica that are essential nutrients for crop development. Bio stimulants act as further catalysts that stimulate rooting and fungistatic cultures that protect the young seed / seedling from pathogen attack.
  • The microbial cultures in Seed UP  multiply along the root and around the roots as they grow.
  • Plant Growth Promoting Rhizosphere (PGPR) microbes in Seed UP assist in better root and shoot growth.
  • Increases nutrient value within the seed for faster and more effective germination while seed is stored between 30 days and 8 months.

 Method of Application

  • Seed Magic is an oil based thick liquid. Shake the container well before decanting the liquid from the container. 
  • Used at 5-10 mL per kilo of seeds
  • Place seeds in a seed bin and pour Seed UP on seeds and close the bin, rotate the bin for uniform dressing of seeds.
  • Seed Magic  forms a thin coating on seeds.
  • Cereals, Millets, Pulses and Oil Seeds: 100 mL for quantum of seeds used per Hectare

Target Use

  • Seed Magic is to be used as seed dressing agent, helps in uniform germination, drought tolerance, and suppression of fungal diseases and offers starter cultures of Bio fertilizers.


  • Seed Magic is suitable for dressing seeds of any crop or plant.  Examples: cereals, millets, pulses, oilseeds, fiber Crops, sugar crops, and forage crops, cassava, all vegetables and  fruits, flowers and horticultural plants.


  • Seed Magic can be used for dressing even chemical pesticide coated commercial seeds and is compatible with Bio Pesticides, Bio Fertilizers.


  • Do not expose treated seeds to sunlight and humidity. Keep treated seeds in cool dark store.
  • Do not use treated seeds for human / animal consumption. Use treated seeds within one week of dressing with Seed UP.
  • Wash the Seed bin and containers and apply washings water to agricultural fields.

 Shelf Life
          Seed Magic  is stable for a period of 8 months from the date of manufacturing.


  1. Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria                         : 2%
  2. Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria         : 2%
  3. Potash Mobilizing Bacteria                    : 2%
  4. Silica Solubilizing Bacteria                     : 2%
  5. Mycorrhizae                                             : 1%
  6. Humic and Fulvic Substances               : 1%
  7. Seaweed Fermentation Derivatives     : 1%
  8. Vegetable Oils and Stabilizers               : Q.S


 Cautions for handling and use of product 

  • Avoid inhalation and skin contact while diluting as there could be spillage / splashes of the product.
  • Mixing – seed dressing equipment is to be thoroughly rinsed with water and detergent before using the same equipment for use of other agricultural chemicals.
  • Surplus product can disposed in  agricultural fields
  • Do not eat / drink / smoke during application.
  • Direct incidence of Seed UP Gel may cause irritation and therefore it is recommended that the operator should use protective gear viz gloves, apron, mask, eye gear and hood.

Symptoms and Antidotes
Symptoms: Occasional symptoms include head ache and nausea.
Antidote: In the case of ingestion: symptomatic treatment is advised In the case of contact with Eyes: Flush with water liberally for 20 minutes. In case of Skin contact, wash the affected area with plenty of water and soap.