Studies on Agriculture

Agragel (T-400)
Toxicological & Environmental Safety Data
Complete summary of AgraGel Toxicity Safety tests.
Tomato Study
Effect of AgraGel T-400 on tomato crops, U. of Valparaiso, Chile.
Tomato Tables
Tables for rates of use versus yields.
Pepper Study Pages 1
Water management for improved pepper yields.
Pepper Study Pages 2
Water management for improved pepper yields.
Pepper Study Pages 3
Water management for improved pepper yields.
SRI Rice Study
Effect of system of Rice Intensification (SRI) with "AgraGel T-400"
Potato Study
Effect on potato growing and yield, South Africa
Melon Study
Effect of AgraGel in increasing yields of watermelon
Melon Study 2
Page 2.
Melon Study 3
Page 3.
Sugar Cane Study
AgraGel use on sugarcane
Grape Study
Use of AgraGel T-400 on grape vine crop
Hay & Silage
Hay and Silage test result data
Independent Field Study '93
Initial study done with "Terawet Crystals" on watermelon in California
Peanut Study
Analysis of dry land and irrigated growing of peanuts using AgraGel T-400, Texas A&M
Corn Study
Data for corn growers
VLA & AASP Study
Study and data on AgraGel T-400 on Volumetric Liquid Absorption & Absorption Against Soil Pressure
Studies on Horticulture

TeraGel (T-200)

Landscape Trees Study

Landscape trees benefit from potassium based superabsorbent polymer amended backfill soil
Pinus Radiata Study
TeraGel T-200 on potted Pinus Radiata
Eriobotrya Japonica Study
Determining effectiveness of TeraGel T-200 on E. japonica

Airex DC

ASAE Study
Comparative study of efficiency on different adjuvants for spray applications

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