Randee Guevara

Landscape Designer & Plant Specialist

La Costa, CA

August 11th 2014
When using your products, I’ve found, that the plants responded beautifully. The results are seen within a week of adding the products to the soil. The performance of the Biovac, Biovamos and Regalis products is especially seen in the citrus trees around my yard, specifically a low producing lemon that had been struggling for years, suddenly, with the addition of the product in November (2013), the tree is now loaded with fruit and new growth. Any sign of leaf miners on the tree is now non existent.

These products were also added to a few pots, garden boxes, and our small vineyard, all have seen immense growth and high levels of production.   Low nutrient soils, as well as low water situations, seemed to fair the best when the product was added. When plants are stressed, whether from low water or bad soils, they become far more prone to disease.

This product helps balance the irregularities plants may face to give them the best possible chance at success in the garden.  The product creates almost a web around the plant to draw in water and nutrients. This product is critical for a healthy, abundant, and successful garden. I would highly recommend this product.

Terawet has provided a wonderful product that all gardeners and nurseries should have in their arsenal to help bring the soil back into balance.  

Thank you again for making such genius products available.

Jim Tillapaugh
Richardson, Texas
“This correspondence is just an appreciative note to inform your company that since I installed TERAWET® in my front yard, my water bill has been cut by one half since I only have to water once a week now.  I have the greenest, fullest yard on the entire block and my neighbors are green with envy.  I installed TERAWET® TeraGel (T-200) two years ago in the front yard only because of the cost. What a mistake!!! I should have installed it in both the front and back.  

 I have to water the back yard three times as much and it is not as green as the front yard.  I have enclosed a couple of pictures of my front yard so other customers may be able to view the tremendous results. 

Again I appreciate your company producing a quality product that really works!”

Matthew J. Baczewski and Michael J. Baczewski
Baczewski Farms, Sand Lake, Michigan
We used TERAWET® AgraGel (T-400) on our farm for the first time in the year 2000 on our corn fields.  Corn was planted on May 3, 4, 5, & 6 on heavy clay (Ithaca), which gets hard like cement.  We received almost 5 inches of rain in 2 days after planting, May 7 & 8, which caused the ground to crust very hard, almost 2 inches deep. 

Where AgraGel® was applied in the rows at 7 lb. per acre in the furrow, the ground cracked and the corn emerged in a perfect stand, at a plant population of 30,000 to the acre!  Where TERAWET® was not used, we had to use a rotary hoe on the planted ground twice.  The plant population was reduced to 18,000 to the acre.

Rick D. Whorf
Director – Maintenance & Grounds, Santee School District, Santee, California
I have used liquid fertilizer, soil penetrants, wetting agents, and root growth for the last six (6) years in school districts.  I have been very disappointed lately at the cost and the effectiveness of liquids until I used your product. 

Ever since I have used your product, the root systems in our new turf have doubled their growth.  Also, our two new soccer fields are holding up much better to soccer use than they ever have before.  We are producing the highest color ratings ever and uniformity ratings are up.  The turf also seems to be much more disease resistant.  The nitrogen distribution is the best I have seen in years.

Charles McClure
California Landscape Architect, Santa Barbara, California
As a landscape architect I sometimes have the desire (or need) to (at times) mix higher water use plants with lower water use plants.  This has been difficult in the past as the differences in water needs complicate irrigation within a zone. 

With TeraGel® I can specify the treatment of certain plants and help to eliminate the problem.  Also rototilling the TeraGel® into any soil is something I have begun to regularly specify
Thanks for your work in this area.  They are very interesting products that are making us and our clients look good and our landscapes look their best,

Jim Ley, PGA Professional
Twin Lakes Golf and Learning Center, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
As a golf course general manager and owner I have always been interested in enhancing the playability of golf course turf.

The superintendent has reported that since the application of Turf Medic and Root Myke, he has seen significant reduction in turf grass disease and an almost unbelievable rate of growth of both the roots and leaf blades. He also reports that the color and texture of the grass has become more uniform.
To sum it up, I would like to thank you for the availability of your excellent products. I look forward to working with you and seeing future results.

Frederick F. Hoelke
President, Mountain Resources, Inc., Barksdale, Texas
“I want to take an opportunity to express my delight with your product.  At the time I planted my orchard, following the procedures and guidelines outlined and included with your product, my fruit trees have grown an average of 18 to 24 inches a year.  Additionally, my fruit trees were so laden with fruit at the age of three and a half, that supports were required to keep the branches from breaking under the weight of the fruit.

Because my first experience with your product yielded such tremendous results, I made sure to place an additional order for use with my newly sodded lawn.  In the midst of our recent drought, and watering restrictions placed on homeowners in our area, I still enjoyed a nice green lawn, as well as a savings in my water usage.  Once again, your product lived up to its claims in every respect.

Jack Olmstead, M.A., PCA
Plant- Tek, Inc., Escondido, California
We have been using your Airex DC drift control and spray adjuvant product since last Summer. Our applicators were skeptical at first about a product that controls spray drift. However, after using the product for several months it has become a valuable tool and is used by all our applicators.
We use Airex DC at the 0.5 % rate as a good spreader sticker. It enables us to thoroughly cover trees such as pines and peppers with less application time as Airex DC greatly aids in wetting the surface of the leaves by breaking down the surface tension.

When we need to work in a small breeze we add Airex DC to the mixture at the 1% rate. This enables us to continue treating larger trees without generating spray drift. We have been able to work more hours of the day due to using Airex DC.
I'm sure we will be a long term regular customer of Terawet.

William I. McGehee
Palm Tree Exporter, Leucadia, California
It seems only right that I should write to you, regarding your product, TERAWET®, and give credit where credit is due. I have exported thousands of trees to the Middle East. 

Since I use TERAWET® now I don’t have to use the Sphagnum Moss. The TERAWET® keeps the roots of the trees and plants moist much longer.  Now my customers ask me specifically to use TERAWET®.  They say there is no drying of the plants after their 4-week transport.

Eduardo Jose’ Galindo
Ser-Tec Y Associados, Monterrey, N.L. Mexico
After four years of doing sales and tests with the TERAWET® crystals we have seen that the TERAWET® product is very effective in water savings for agriculture here in Mexico.  We know that from 100% of rain, 70% is lost by evaporation, 20% is lost to the rivers and seas and just 10% the plants really use.  With the use of this super-absorbent product, TERAWET®, it is a big step for a more effective use of the available water for plant growing.

Crop Production Services, Bakersfield, California
"TERAWET® appears to have the qualities necessary to survive in the real world of production agriculture.  A 30% reduction in irrigation, a 20% reduction in fertilizer usage coupled with a 20% increase in melon crop yield makes this a must for every grower.”

G. G. Irrigation, Kansas
"The observations on our corn study included an evenness of stand as well as 1,500 more plants per acre.  In addition, we experienced a reduction of almost thirty percent less irrigation cost and a substantial savings in the use of fertilizers and herbicides.  The plants were found to be developing more agronomically correct in comparison to Pioneer’s (seed co.) advertisements.”

Heimerich Farms, Colorado
"The results of our test indicate the incorporation of TERAWET's AgraGel polymer has increased our yield of tomatoes by an overall 3.4 tons per acre.”

R. Bowman, Salt Lake City, Utah
“I haven’t seen a product that I’m excited about for years.  I leave home on business trips for weeks at a time and come home to dead plants.  Not anymore, thanks to TERAWET®.  I wish I had stock in your company!”

C. Reichert., Point Loma,  California
“I think your product is great.  I’ve transplanted several of my plants and they never looked better.  I don’t even have to water every week either and they look beautiful and healthy...Thanks TERAWET®.”

Mary Griggs, Long Beach, California
“I wish I knew about this product sooner.  I’ve cut my water bills in half and my lawn and plants have never looked as nice.  Please send me another pound for my vegetables garden.” 

Bee Richards, San Diego, California
 “You were right, I only water my house plants every three weeks or so.  Just amazing!  Thanks.”

Mr. J. Filipiano, Desert Hot Springs, California“
I live in a desert community and never had a lawn before.  My neighbors all want to know how I did it.  They never see me watering.  They’re baffled.  I told them to buy some TERAWET®.  Good luck, but I don’t think you are going to need it.”

B. Ogilvy, Sparks, Nevada“
I’m impressed by the rapid absorption ability of TERAWET®.  It allows the little rain we get to be used instead of it being evaporated as it normally does.  We pay a lot for our water and TERAWET® saves me an entire watering and a lot of money.”

Home Depot, Ft. Myers,  Florida
“The Ball & Burlap palm trees that we sell need to be watered every morning before we do anything else.  Since we added TERAWET® to the root ball, our watering has been reduced to once every 4 to 5 days.  I can’t thank you enough for showing us your product.  It not only saves us water, but a lot of time in labor.” 

R. Hulsey,  Ramona, California
“I used TERAWET® in an area that for the last 15 years I have not been able to grow anything.  The soil was so hard and sandy that it dried out in a matter of hours.  For the first time, new plants are taking hold.  It is a great product and I want to wish you much success!”